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SIZE 860 X 1200 PIX

Mi-8 landing. Summer 1974, settlement Otradny("Pleasant"). Lensky area. Yakutia. Russia. Colouring of the helicopter - white color with blue strip .

SIZE 1072 x 1200 PIX
Glider L-13 "Blanik" 1961. Vitebsk.

SIZE 1000 x 1000 PIX

Helicopter MI-8 (USSR. - 11183) 1971. Failure near Abakan. Pilot Alexander Hohlov. The reason of failure - stop of the tail screw (disassembly tail shaft). First helicopter Mi-8 lost in Novokuznetsk airgroup

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SIZE 1000 x 880 PIX

Mi-4A (USSR. - 19248) 1969. The Kemerovo area. Landing place Serebrany("Silver") ( 800 meters). Commander A.I.Sharkov, the second pilot A.I.Rubin), flight mechanic J.Popov.
On a background mountain Big Kanum - the highest point of the Kemerovo area - height 1570 meters.

SIZE 1000 x 860 PIX

Mi-4A (USSR - 26509). March 1966., lake Balkhash. Commander V.E.Bavykin, the second pilot A.I.Rubin, Flight mechanic Kudashov P.E. (on a photo A.I.Rubin and mechanic A.Roshchin).

SIZE 1200 x 1092 PIX

Mi-1A (USSR - 20266). Settlement Ust'-Naryk (?), the Kemerovo area. 1967a. Pilot A.I.Rubin. Colouring of the helicopter in bright red color - the appropriate nickname " a fire bucket ".

SIZE 1200 x 1049 PIX

Jak-18. Air station Ulla. Vitebsk area. On a wing cadet A.I.Ruban.

SIZE 1448 x 1200 PIX

Jak-12M. 1961. Airfield Southern, Vitebsk. By the second plane of the same type inscription "KHCC"(Communist party of Soviet Union).

SIZE 900 x 1200 PIX

Jak-18P. Airfield Ulla.Vitebsk region - 1962. On a wing at the left the chief of aeroclub lieutenant colonel A.I.Geruev.

SIZE 900 x 1200 PIX

Jak-18 In flight. The beginning of 60th years.

SIZE 900 x 1200 PIX

Jak-18. Airfield Southern, Vitebsk - 1961. The pilot - chief of aeroclub colonel Makel'nikov.

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